Don’t we all love a good concealer? I have always a hard time finding a right concealer that matches with my skin tone. Yes, I have some of my favorite concealers for concealing under-eyes but I always struggle to find a concealer to spot conceal. It is either too warm or neutral or pink. There are few concealers I have liked before but I was not satisfied with the color match that I was looking for to conceal all over my face. Not anymore! I am glad I found the one I was looking for and its from Giorgio Armani. It is the best concealer I have ever tried especially for spot concealing.


It is a long-wearing, high-coverage matte second-skin finish concealer that hides the look of imperfections, color corrects that doesn’t crease or cake. What I love the most about it is – it can be used for multiple purposes. Whether you want to cover the look of redness, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, blemishes, and dark circles, it does the job. I like to use it especially on my No-Makeup Makeup days where I just want to spot conceal to even out my skin. It doesn’t settle into my fine lines (under-eyes) which is a winner for me. Although its a matte finish it is not drying at all. It stays comfortable and looks even all day creating a beautiful finish.

It also comes in different undertone combination – fair/light/medium/tan – cool/warm/neutral. With these amazing shade range, there is an option for every one of us!


For targeted breakouts and spots, dab the concealer directly onto the blemish, then spread gently around the area to blend. To cover larger areas such as dark circles, apply a thin layer over the area, then blend with your favorite applicator. It also blends well with your fingertips.

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