What is worse than knowing you won’t be able to get married anytime soon when that was the only thing you were waiting for. I feel horrible! Right now I can’t seem to remain positive in everything that’s going on. It’s hard, and right now I can just think and only imagine my wedding.

I was about to get traditionally married on April 26, 2020. We both (me and Saurav) live in The States and we were waiting for the perfect timing to get married. We both had our own job and its responsibilities, the best time we could manage was this time. Never ever we imagined where the world would be where it is right now. The disease “Coronavirus” shattered the whole world. I still had hope that it would be fine soon but it seems to be never ending thing. The lockdown is extending, extending and extending.

I know I am at my best place at my home during this time and I am truly blessed to have my family around me. Not every person gets to live with what I have now and I truly understand the difficulties of people around the world suffering. But, I can’t help and continue to think about my wedding which is now a Postponed Wedding.

We do live together in The States but in Nepal we can’t until our traditional wedding gets done and that’s driving me crazy! Due to the lockdown I can’t even see him, not even share a hug! I have been living with him since three years. He is the person whom I see every morning after I wake up as well as with whom I have my Goodnight Kiss. I feel frustrated! With each day passing on and getting near to my actual wedding date, it hurts.

The world seems very scary and many things are uncertain! I am having anxiety, I am scared of the things getting worse. I don’t seem to see anything right at the moment. The only thing I want now is to get to the city where he lives, I want to see him!

I hope the turbulence the world is facing ends soon! I hope the world gets better! I hope the people could get back to what they were doing. I hope me and Saurav could re-plan our wedding, get married and return back to our lives!

Hoping for the best,


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