Hi guys! It’s been a long time since I have posted. There was a lot of things going on in my life from shifting to a different state to finding a new apartment and countless reasons. Doing lots of things at one time is so time demanding and I just didn’t wanted to post anything when I couldn’t give my 100% in creating a content.

I recently moved to Virginia from North Carolina! This is my 4th time moving to a different place in the States and it’s been only 2 years since I am here. If you guys have the experience of moving, you know how it feels. Getting a driving license (kudos for overcoming my fear) and finishing off every work back in North Carolina before I move out had most of my time.

We moved into Virginia without having a fixed place to live. We really wanted to see the apartment and have it rather than just browsing online. You know how it looks in the picture and when we see in real its completely different. Thank god, my husband had a good friend living in this state so we had time to look over and then shift to the apartment. After visiting tons of apartment we finally chose the most impressive one and moved in. Lots of unboxing is another story!

And then here comes my work. I still work at Nordstrom and let me tell you, working full time at Nordstrom is hell-a ride. Standing whole time on your feet, going back and forth from the sales floor to the fitting rooms, running to the back stocks and walking all the levels throughout the Nordstrom. Oh! did I mention I work as a Sales Representative. When I come back home, my brain doesn’t build up the process of writing a content so I am getting a laid back on posting.

I don’t want to disappoint you guys with my lack of posting but it’s been a crazy ride till now. I am trying to be consistent with my post from now on. Although everyone might not be interested in reading this, I felt it was necessary to write this as I love you guys and every follower is like a family.

I will be back with my post soon, till then keep loving!


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