Hourglass Cosmetics is the brand that I will continuously keep on purchasing over time. I have been a huge fan of their products because their formula is amazing. Yes its expensive, but I will invest on their makeup without any guilt. Today I am going to share my 5 most favorite and 3 least favorite products from Hourglass Cosmetics. So, lets begin!


5 Most Favorite


Vanish Stick Foundation

This is my ride or die foundation and will keep on repurchasing it all my life. It creates the most flawless radiant finish which adjusts to your body temperature to effortlessly blend into your skin. Despite being a stick foundation it gives you a medium to buildable full coverage and blends in seamlessly. Its suitable for all skin types and has a variety of shade range which is amazing. I have a detail post about this foundation here.

Veil Translucent Powder

I have a really hard time finding a right powder especially, for my under eyes. I have tried many powders, even super hyped Laura Mercier which was a big no for me as it settled in my fine lines and made my under eyes look so dry. Thanks to Hourglass Cosmetics, my problems has been solved. This powder blurs the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles for an airbrushed finish and is formulated without talc (an ingredient which dries your skin). I love how buttery it is and has provides a sheen finish to your skin. I normally do not set my whole face with a powder, I use it just for my under eyes. But it works great as well to set your whole face.

Ambient Lighting Powders

Be it a bronzer, blush, finishing powders or Strobe Lighting Powder, they all are so beautiful. It is created with Photoluminescent Technology which softens and gives the most flattering color to your skin. The blushes fuses a modern color to brighten cheeks for glowing, lit-from-within color with a shimmer finish. The bronzer provides bronze pigments to add depth and dimension for a sun-kissed glow. The finishing powder captures, diffuses, and softens the look of the skin. Strobe Lighting Powders are infused with concentrated, ultra-fine mico-pearl particles which reflects natural-looking luminescence providing the most glassy highlight. Their blushes, bronzers, finishing powders and strobe lighting powders are on my top list amongst all of my other collections.

Scattered Light shadows

Their eyeshadow is infused with refined micro-glitter for a sophisticated, sparkling finish.  One swipe and you will have the most beautiful optical illusion of light. I like how it is packaged in a pot for a flexibility while traveling. Just pat with your fingers and you are set to go. You can apply it alone or over another eyeshadow.

GIRL Lip Stylo

There’s no denying that I love Matte lipsticks. Since I have dry lips, I also prefer hydrating lipsticks that provides pigment without a need to re apply it very often. This lipstick provides intensity of a lipstick that’s infused with a blend of hydration for the appearance of softer, fuller lips. Its a everyday must have lipstick in my bag.


3 Least Favorite

Disclaimer: Every product reacts differently to different skin. This product did not work for me and that is the only reason its my least favorite from Hourglass Cosmetics. However, it doesn’t mean its a bad product. I don’t hate these products but I don’t love them as much as I love other Hourglass products. It might work for your skin so if you want try, just go for it.


Hourglass Skin Tint

I must say this tint gives me the most coverage out of all of the tint products I have tried. It has a thicker consistency than I would like in a skin tint but thats not an issue. The main thing I don’t like about this product is the undertone. I am a warm toned person so want a warm/golden undertone to compliment my skin tone. Even though the golden shade states to be golden undertone, I find it to be greyish. It comes out warm but as you keep on blending, its turns into  greyish tone. I really like the finish but I don’t like how the color looked on my skin. Also I broke out with this product so, it’s a no for me.

Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel

I have really thin brows so I didn’t feel this brow gel created a fuller-looking brows as it claims to be. It worked okay on top of brow pencil but alone, it didn’t perform well. If I think of a tint brow gel, I think of it as a quick way of achieving fuller brows which it didn’t do it for me.

Veil Mineral Primer

Yes, you heard it right! The beloved product from many people falls under the least favorite of mine. The only reason is that it breaks me out. I have tried it with different foundations but each time I end up breaking out. It does provide a smooth finish which I would like in my primer but since it doesn’t cooperate with my skin it was a no for me.


Have you tried any of Hourglass Cosmetics products before? I would love to hear your thoughts below!

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